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Geometry Dash Full APK
Every platform of entertainment has its own taste of joy some are dramatic, comedian but mostly games are top-level to entertain and pass the time out. So today we are introducing a rhythm-based game which in the start is easy but as the level up to become harder and exciting, known as Geometry Dash, you can download free Geometry Dash 2.111 Apk.

Geometry Dash Apk, a rhythm-based series of games, provides the numerous platform that was developed and released by famous company RobTop on August 13, 2013, that have previously developed outstanding games as compared to GTA V Apk (Grand theft Auto 5). Initially, it was released for $1.99 USD for iOS and Android operating systems and for steam $3.99 USD on Dec 22, 2014, but as it did the business in Millions of Dollars, set free to use after its millionaire downloaders. The lite version of the rhythm-based game is presented with fewer features along with free expansions, Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World and Geometry Dash Subzero, and the latest are Electroman Adventures and Bug fixes and tweaks.
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