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The plan and structure of the essay
The social studies essay always has a clear structure and is written according to a certain plan. Already during the preparation for the exam, you should practice writing an essay according to the plan. If the structure and plan are followed, the text is logical and the score for the essay is higher.

The introduction is an obligatory part of any essay. In it, you need to reveal the meaning of the chosen statement, indicate the main idea or ideas of the author. The experts will check how well the graduate has coped with this task.

Theoretical argumentation. First of all, here it is necessary to demonstrate knowledge of social science concepts, explaining their connection with the statement. Knowledge of terms that were learned in social studies classes will come in handy. For example, if the topic of the essay is political science, the student needs to correctly label political terms and give their definitions. Secondly, it is necessary to show knowledge of the theories of social development. They are determined by the topic of the statement. It is important to understand, for example, that for the topic of economics some theories are relevant, and for the topic of modernization - quite different from paper owls review.

Factual Argumentation. The next step in the essay is to express your point of view using arguments based on three groups of sources:

historical facts;
facts of social life;
from personal social experience.

When arguing with facts of social life, you can describe an imaginary social situation or cite a real event, for example, a story told in the news. When arguing from personal experience, you can give examples from life, from books you have read or movies you have watched.

The final part of the essay is the conclusion. It should briefly summarize all the arguments that helped reveal the topic. It is necessary to clearly show how the argumentation reveals the meaning of the chosen quotation. However, here it is important not to repeat all your previous thoughts, but to highlight some new general idea.

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