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    Zero Cost Traffic Tactics

    10 Proven Methods To Generate Website Traffic Without Paying a Single Cent

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    Getting traffic to your website seems like an impossible task if you don’t have a huge budget to work with and a group of experts at your disposal.

    These days, launching a website means that you are competing with more companies than ever and getting traffic to your site is vital whether you are doing e-commerce or just creating a blog that you’d like people to read.

    So, what is a person with no budget, no SEO skills and no expert advice to do?

    You Can Get Free Traffic!

    There’s really only two routes you can take when it comes to getting traffic:

    1) Pay for it

    2) Generate it for free

    Paying for traffic paying for pay-per-click campaigns such as AdWords and Facebook Ads, media buying, solo ads, exchanges and much more. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could easily spend thousands of dollars without knowing it!


    You can generate traffic using some proven methods that many internet marketers are using to generate a ton of targeted, free traffic to their websites.

    If you’re just starting out, you most likely don’t have a budget of a big business, so you’re left with no choice but to find ways to attract new customers within budget first.

    I’ve written a guide sharing ways in which you can start generating website traffic without paying a single cent.

    Allow me to introduce you to…

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  • html-5pages website

    5 Pages HTML Website

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    5 Pages HTML Website

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    Accordion FAQ Generator

    Accordian FAQ Generator WP Plugin

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    You’ll love the increased conversions a smooth FAQ can generate for your online business.

    Here Are The Main Features:

    Creates Accordion FAQs In Just Minutes.
    Easy To Use, Simply Fill-In-The Blanks.
    Software Requires No Installation.
    Option To Change Background Colors.
    Works With Any HTML Coded Web Page.
    Requires Upload Access To A Webserver.
    Can Be Used With Any Website URL.
    Option To Change Border and Text Colors.

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    Logo studio MakerBox4

    Best Logo Studio Software

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    Logo Studio is the world’s best logo creation software. You can get Logo Studio for the price of just 1 logo created by pro-designer and still have some pocket change left. Forget about paying outrageous fees or going with the “cheap” option but sacrifice a lot of quality – Logo Studio provides the best of both worlds.

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    Email Marketing Excellence

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    Are you looking for a marketing method that will consistently generate a positive return on your marketing investment?

    What if you could invest $1 and get $2 back?

    …or $3 back…

    …or even $43 BACK???

    Would you take that deal?

    If you’re like most people, that’s a no-brainer…

    One of the easiest, most profitable marketing methods that is consistently generating positive returns for over 88% of marketers that use it is email marketing…

    Whether you’re currently using email to drive traffic and make sales, or you’ve just thought about trying it, there’s never been a better time to take a close look at email marketing…
    Here’s Why You Need To
    Build An Email List…

    Email marketing is…
    Fast – You can literally reach hundreds or even thousands of targeted people with just a click of your mouse.

    Affordable – You can get started building a list and sending emails with little to no marketing budget.

    Trackable – With simple click-tracking, it’s easy to see who clicked on what with email marketing.

    High Returns – Email is low cost, has high engagement, and the result is a MASSIVE return on your time and money investment… email marketing is PROFITABLE!

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    WP iAsk Plugin

    I-Ask WP Plugin

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    Effortlessly Create Insightful And Engaging Surveys, Gather Critical Data Such As Statistics And Answers From Your Visitors…All In One Place.

    Brand New, Powerful Wordpress Plugin Now Allows You To Get Insight As To What Your Visitors Are Thinking, So That You Can Make Better And More Informed Decisions…For MORE Profits.

    In this new digital era that we are living, having information is key to success. Apparently, I am not the only one thinking like this… Have a look at the big boys such as influential bloggers or even corporations and you’ll realize that they are constantly running surveys for their products or services.

    They know that information IS power, and it allows them to make more informed decisions to dramatically increase profits. What If You Could Get Inside The Brain Of Your Visitors? How Do You Think This Will Affect Your Online Business?

    WP iAsk is a fantastic and useful WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and effortlessly incorporate surveys into your WordPress website.

    It’s fast, easy-to-use and extremely powerful! With WP iAsk you can create engaging surveys with different types of questions and easily control how it appears in the page. But that’s not all…

    Perhaps the BEST thing about this plugin is that you’ll have the ability to gather important results and statistics of the answers supplied by your visitors…and you’ll make better decisions based on that data!

    Below are the Incredible Features (And Benefits) Of WP iAsk:

    Quickly, easily and instantly create surveys
    Possibility of using shortcodes in order to make your life easier
    Unlimited Customization
    Jaw-dropping Widget Effects
    Restrictions option available
    In-depth Results and Statistics
    Each survey is SEO friendly (potential to drive tons of traffic via search engines)
    Survey and questions managing
    And much, much more!

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  • Review Me WP Plugin

    Review Me WP Plugin

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    Knowing your blog readers really want to know about is something that a blogger should do so that people will keep on visiting your blog and reading your stuff.

    The challenge now is that how you are going to know those information from them? Well, few years ago, this issue is really troublesome but inside this amazing piece of WordPress plugin, it is not impossible anymore.

    Thinking About Your Products In Your Blogs! Once You Can Get Inside Your Visitors’ Heads You Will Get Valuable Insights, Suggestions And Feedback That Will Help You To Improve Your Conversions And Send Your Profits To The Stratosphere!

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    Seamless SEO Software

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    What if there was a new piece of technology, which only requires a few minutes to be configured, yet can skyrocket your site to page 1 of Google in 24 hours or less?
    What if this same piece of technology allowed you to get a 235% increase in Traffic? Seamless SEO is the plugin that makes it all possible.

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    Snapchat Marketing Excellence

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    Are you currently using Snapchat to get online traffic?

    If you’re like most marketers, you’re probably not using Snapchat… yet…

    But, you should be…

    Snapchat is taking the Internet by storm…

    It’s one of the fastest growing social media apps out there.

    …and based on the current user base and the speed of Snapchat’s growth, it appears to be here to stay.

    Right now, you can generate some very highly targeted traffic for FREE or with very little investment using Snapchat.

    When you compare the quality of traffic and the lack of current competition when compared to other social networks, Snapchat is really starting to turn heads…

    …especially as sites like Facebook get more and more difficult when it comes to generating quality, targeted traffic.

    NOW is the time to position your business and your brand on Snapchat… It’s wide open and the opportunity is MASSIVE!

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    wp sales optimizer plugin

    WordPress Sales Page Optimizer

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    WP BotBlocker Plugin

    WP BotBlocker Plugin

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    100s and 1000s of Bots attack wordpress sites each and every day and try to gain access to the sites by attacking the login pages of wordpress. WP BotBlocker stops this from happening. It instantly adds a level of protection to your login pages so bots can never get in or get past the protection – saving your sites from being attacked or defaced. Every WP site on the planet needs this.

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    WP Email Countdown

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    You probably know this already, but there’s ONE single element in online marketing that works like a charm and brings home results that are simply staggering.

    I am talking about scarcity.

    Look, testimonials, pricing strategies or selling points do work, but if you really want to start generating that results you deserve, you should definitely exploit the power of scarcity.

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