Facebook Advertising Power Editor Remarketing Tutorial October 2015 with Page Post Video Ads

Facebook Advertising Power Editor Remarketing Tutorial October 2015 with Page Post Video Ads

Check out my latest Facebook advertising tutorial for October 2015. I show you how to set up your own ads in the Power Editor based on what I am doing for my own page. Re-marketing ads are best for building a long-term relationship with your following, and many large fortune 500 companies run these to get the biggest return on investment (ROI) with their ad budgets. I hope you enjoy my commentary regarding Facebook ads, and appreciate my honest approach based upon what I doing for my own Facebook page. If you enjoy this tutorial, check out The Complete Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Course 2015 on Udemy! https://jerrybanfield.com/

Time Stamps:
00:35 – Get a discounted link to my 28 hours course on Udemy! https://jerrybanfield.com/
1:50 – A sneak peak at my own Facebook page analytics.
2:30 – Running ads through page posts.
4:28 – How to get 10 post engagements per $0.01!
13:30 – How to build re-marketing campaigns using the Facebook Power Editor.
17:30 – Once you create your ad set, it is time to create multiple ads to run.
31:21 – You can only run 50 ads per set.
38:10 – Creating new ad sets to target new audiences using your existing ads.
47:25 – Promoting content vs. trying to make sales.
51:55 – If something works well, scale up your ad budget!
57:50 – How to filter through inactive ads.
59:47 – Attention to detail is important with testing new Facebook ads.
1:00:34 – Finding audiences based on what works with my page like campaigns.
1:03:40 – Using audiences based around the people you like to build an ideal following.
1:08:00 – Join me on Udemy for 1 on 1 help and consulting!

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