Why Video Marketing Is Good For Local Business And Content Marketing

The reason why video marketing is good for local business is it allows small business marketing to compete with large corporations at a much lower cost than traditional print advertising.

Many small businesses have a hard time justifying the cost of traditional advertising relative to the return on investment (ROI). Video marketing is the key to lowering costs and competing with the big boys.

So what do you need to start a relatively inexpensive video marketing campaign for your small business? There are three things that will help you get started quickly and efficiently.

First you will need camera equipment. Don’t worry because if you have an iPhone or an Android you have everything you need. These phones generally produce great video quality and can be transferred to your computer for uploading to YouTube or other video submission sites.

If you want to purchase something better, be sure to get a camcorder that has external microphone plugins. This will allow you to plugin wired and wireless microphones.

Audio is extremely important so make sure whatever device you are using that the audio is top-notch. Otherwise viewers will jump off your video in a heartbeat.

The second consideration is what should you talk about? The easiest way to get started is to create 20 videos. Ten of these videos will answer “frequently asked questions” (FAQs) you commonly get from customers.

The second 10 videos need to address “should ask questions” (SAQs). You should be able to come up with questions the customer really needs to know.

So what does 20 videos get you in terms on content marketing for your business? First of all, the only cost to you is your time. Can you justify spending 20-40 hours creating 20 videos compared to spending $200-$500 per ad you run through traditional advertising?

Your videos live in perpetuity on the Internet and it will not cost you a dime. Hopefully you see the value in using video marketing for local business as means to grow your business.

The third part why video marketing can generate you lots of leads and sales has to do with optimizing your videos. Don’t be misled here. Video marketing is not always easy, but if you focus on creating relevant titles, keywords (video SEO) and descriptions you can rank well on the search engines.

At this point you may be wondering how this all works. It’s actually quite simple. If your FAQs and SAQs get ranked on the first page of YouTube or Google, you may get 10 or more views per week. Is your traditional advertising netting you that many leads? Probably not, right?

The question was posed: “Why video marketing is good for local business”. The future of search is in video and mobile devices. Don’t say you can’t do it. If you have an iPhone or Android, you can do it and you can gain leads and sales faster than traditional methods of marketing.

Source by Ray Riechert